INSTRUTEC´s goal is to generate sustainable work opportunities in the field of engineering development of science instrumentation. 

Our personal target is to spend that "1/3 of our lives devoted to work" doing what we like, and earning enough to enjoy a healthy, simple, connected to others and to nature, lifestyle. 

We choose engineering in the field of state of the art scientific instruments because it means constant challenge, innovation and learning. Moreover, succeeding in solving this challenge means building instruments that will improve other people´s lives. 

That just makes sense to us.

And last but not least, we believe in social responsibility of private companies and therefore we focus on:

  • Transparency: here you will find information about our financial results.
  • Sustainability: with a capital investment of 9.000 euros and the full time dedication of our founder (without a salary), we have raised 14.000 euros in benefits since we started (last update, 05/10/2016). This money is today an asset of Instrutec that will provide us with more strength to face new projects in the near future.
  • Social return: we have dedicated more than 4.000 euros to grants and small contracts for young graduates.
  • Leverage: we have rised more than 3.000 euros in  grants that have helped young students build their career - and ease their economies.
  • Education: 6 under-graduate students have helped building Instrutec, learning real engineering as practicants with us.
  • Contributionour business has generated more than 6.000 euros in taxes (2015) that help sustaining the public national economy.
  • Return on local economy: with an accumulated turnover since we started of more than 80.000 euros, we have paid more than 52.000 euros to a miriad of providers, most of them local small sized companies, our priority. 

Let´s keep it moving on.